This is my entry for the 2019 Yogscast Jingle Jam Game Jam, with the theme of Giving.

This is a local multiplayer two player game where you have to put together present orders against the clocks in Yoglab's Christmas division.
Its a pretty simple arcade game, and my first game jam entry, that I made while also juggling a busy weekend. I hope you enjoy!


Pico-8 is weird, so here are the defaults:

Player 1: Arrow keys + z/x or c/v or n/m

Player 2: ESDF + Lshift/A or TAB/Q

(HINT! If you are playing on you own, you can rebind your controls to make a hard single player challenge!)

I sort of  retro optional challenge as well by virtue of making a game for the pico-8, but its not the gameboy colour palette.


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Turns out I broke the control rebinding altogether :')

Ah well, enjoy the slightly janky control scheme

Rebinding controls requires being fullscreen!